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We are a digital agency that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes. We see technology as a tool to create amazing things.

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Our Methodology

Every company involved in web development process has its own methodology. Radenka Technologies is a software development company, has devised its own development methodology. Developing information for the Web requires a focused approach. To accomplish this, our methodology involves six elements, these six are continuously ongoing processes, which are as follows:-

  • Planning
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Promotion
  • Innovation

Although the methodology outlined above for developing a web won’t work flawlessly in all situations, it serves as a basis for superficial issues related to web development. The actual processes and elements utilized in web development for any particular project may be a variation on these. Being aware of what elements and processes can be involved in web development is the key; once aware of what we face, our flexibly is put in motion and we grow proven successful webs.

In today’s scenario outsourcing information technology has created a lot of opportunities in the field of web and software development. The need is to follow an optimized approach to accomplish the outsourcing requirement. We also provide hosting services for any kind of server as we maintain reliable & secure hosting servers.


Our Best Services

Cloud Service

RTech provides strategic and technical consulting solutions for your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Our enterprise cloud service consolidates and simplifies cloud services which minimizes IT governance and reduces total costs.

Mobility Solutions

RTech has a transparent project management and change management approach that is centered on proactive communication with clients to ensure that our solutions delivery teams have a consistent understanding of your requirements at all times. Mobile Application Development Platforms

Project Management

RTech IT project management and business analysis practice provides superior talent, capabilities, dedication and consulting acumen. Rtech expert project manager and business analyst professionals deliver first-class solutions and continue to be client-focused and results driven.

IT infrastructure service

RTech IT infrastructure service helps clients in multiple industries select, design, and implement the most appropriate technology for their business environments, and then assists to customize these selected technologies to specific client needs.

QA & Testing

At RTech, our focus goes beyond testing: we take a holistic approach to Quality Assurance and Testing (QA & T) by examining the impacts on the quality and success of your implementation

WEB Development

RTech is your local web design company with a major focus on quality. We value and connect with each of our clients, so every step of the way; we are both at the same stage of development. One can’t be finicky with rebranding, brand development or business development. Our team makes it a point to understand all aspects of our clients’ needs before our process begins.

IT Staffing

RTech ability to work with diverse industry segments and address staffing needs across management functions/levels has been largely due to its readiness to invest significant time with client organizations to understand their context and needs and to commit dedicated resources towards fulfillment of commitments.

Digital Marketing

RTech evaluates a universal approach to internet marketing including SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We consider into our account the expected goals of websites and implementation of an internet marketing plan that is required to achieve those goals.

IT Consulting services

RTech provide IT consulting services to assist our clients with their continually- changing IT environments. We adopt best practices in the enterprise in offering our services. We provide high quality, time bound, cost effective outsourcing IT services through our offshore facilities.

IT Outsourcing

RTech offer business process outsourcing services to meet the diverse needs of clients. We emphasize on rendering value based offshore outsourcing for our customers. Our offshore consulting services address all the challenges such as optimization of costs, increasing return on investments and so on.
We offer BPO support solutions and Call Center Support with modern technology in order to meet the Inbound and Outbound calling requirements.


About Us

Radenka Technology Pvt Ltd maintains its success and its supremacy in the global arena through a positive reputation in the digital world market. Clients internationally recognize our niche of productive quality and services. We have and maintain excellent relationships among clients, gratified with our vast categories of development and experience in the applications and solutions of numerous software from around the globe.

Since the beginning of our activities our primary goal has been to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the solutions we offer through our dedication to providing excellent services at affordable prices, coupled with excellent upgrading and follow up services.

Our Software professionals are equipped with high creative knowledge and expertise in delivering solutions constantly updating themselves in order to assuage the latest needs and requirements for global clientele. We at Conquer Global Solution are primed to understand and resolve all requirements and accelerate the income of our clients. Our efforts across the board have been received with tremendous appreciation.

As an online marketing agency we specialize in growing our clients business through the net, expanding their playing field and reach. This includes online marketing services, search engine optimization, pay per click, search engine marketing, social media, web design and development.

We have established ourselves as a leader in our field and engaged 15 years in technology industry in domestics and international. All our work is done in house. Our services expand to a sizeable client base, with both large and small companies and businesses ready for growth having influenced and completed projects for corporate, educational, governmental and the private sector, throughout!

There are 3 principles which encapsulate our culture and propel our successes are:

  • We believe in long lasting, sustainable business relationships.
  • We believe in the internet and the possibilities it creates.
  • We believe that together, we will make a difference.

The term “web doctors” was coined by one of our clients who were really happy with our consultative approach in enhancing their business through a website we’ve built. We strive to find solutions for our clients and are constantly researching new ideas for both their businesses and ours, to grow.


Mr. Raja Pramod – Founder & CEO

RTech value proposition is based on three considerations – enriched user experience; prompt delivery and predictable results; and operational excellence.

Irrespective of the industry vertical we are dealing with, we aim to provide enriched user experience. Ultimately, any solution offered should meet the specific needs of the client. With RTech clients get the right expertise and solution. We employ the latest productivity improvement tools, and our team has the expertise to develop custom software solutions. Our flexible business models that are built on best business practices enable customers to derive maximum value from their technology investments.

Clients across industry verticals look for prompt delivery of custom solutions that ensure predictable results. RTech understands that prompt delivery with predictable results can be assured by engaging the right people in developing the right solutions for the client. We take meticulous care in choosing the right people with relevant experience and expertise. Our developers, analysts, architects and other project-based specialists work in close coordination with the client in identifying client’s technology requirements, and in evolving custom solutions. This not only enables us to meet the needs of the client, but also helps us to minimize execution risks.

Organizations and firms are increasingly bent on reducing expenditure and increasing their savings. In this condition, there is greater preference for cost-effective software solutions with less TCO (total cost of ownership) and more of total benefits of ownership (TBO).

Added, there can be no compromise on the software’s operational excellence. RTech considers IT as a business catalyst, and addresses the challenges of operational excellence through less TCO and more TBO. Our graded and scalable IT solutions and flexible business models provide the needful business transformation.

Why Us

We are a team of experienced Web Designers in India who have designed high quality cost effective websites for businesses in various verticals and from various parts of the world. Your website should be relevant, following your mission and goals – we excel in the establishment of a corporate identity which will lift up your marketing impact and gain you success.

Our unique web design and web development process will keep you in direct contact with the designers and programmers working on the project during the entire development process. No middle man as direct contact equals to the best results, as far as we at RTech are concerned.
We do care about your needs; our 24-hour response time is available by email, phone, and web chat (Skype, WhatsApp, Customer portal). We send working files to you, enabling reviews on the development process, instantly, and provide feedback!

We believe good design is like good manners, we have it and we don’t need to prove it! You might not find us on an Awards list, yet, but Radenka Technologies stands for; Superb results= client’s successes= prosperous clients.
We consider our client a partner. We believe that web design and web development are about good chemistry and an open mind. We achieve results, and results are what really matter. In a good partnership, good results happen. Good cooking makes good eating, right?

  • Information First. Design Second.
  • Do not make your site visitors think.
  • The simpler, the better!.

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We are a digital agency that helps brands to achieve their business outcomes. We see technology as a tool to create amazing things.

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